"A photographer’s shutter lights a fire in their soul. That’s when magic happens and memories are captured." -Sassy Shutters
My favorite people in yearbook! 👅😘
"And Asians are ninjas." LMAO! 😂
OMG! Help me. I just can’t… This scene is funny! HAHAHA! I wonder how will Maya bluff to this. Their reactions are priceless! Waaa! I just can’t wait for Monday to come! Yay, next week’s episodes are going to be hilarious!!! 😂😂😂 #BeCarefulWithMyHeart #BCWMH #TeamChenes #Teamkulit @jodistamaria @iamrichardyap ❤️👌
Don’t you think its a pretty sunset? 🌘☁️
Went Paint balling with awesome people! 👌  (at Celebration Station Mesquite, TX)
This is why I am thankful for good sunlight!!! 😂😂😂
Holidays is still in the house! #pretty #christmasdecor
My bag is packed and I’m ready to go. But… Where am I going? HAHAHA! #TravelAlone #Scared #FirstTimer #ICANDOTHIS #Excited
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While everyone’s outside welcoming the year 2014 with their sparkling fireworks on, here I am laying on my bed waiting for miracle to happen. I never thought that this is going to be this boring for me. :( feels like I’m waisting my time in the U.S! 😢

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#YearEndSelfie HAHAHAPPY NEW YEAR PHILIPPINES! ❤️🎉🎊 (at Boulder Ridge)
Suya man gud ko! 😢 I MISS YOU BABE! Hahaha! Love youuu! ❤️ #SistersByHeart #BestFriend
Colorado Rv, La Grange, TX. #Country #Photography
I’ll be waiting here. Santa, He’s my only wish this year! :”> #MerryChristmas #WhiteChristmas